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As a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer I know being arrested for means you are no longer in control of your life

You may be ordered to:

  • Stop driving
  • Attend numerous court and counseling sessions, thus jeopardizing your job
  • Serve jail time
  • Drive only a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device for years.

Since 1979 I have helped over 5000 clients take back control of their lives

  • I prevent the immediate suspension of my client’s driver’s license
  • I limit their appearances for court and counseling
  • I use my 45 years of experience to try to get the Best Result possible: a dismissal, a reduced charge or trial verdict of not guilty  
  • If there is a conviction, I help my client avoid or lessen the many adverse consequences of a conviction.

My job as a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer is to see the case through my client’s eyes

Each client’s life is unique and affected differently by an arrest.  My job is to anticipate and minimize the consequences for each client and their family.

I have designed my Scottsdale DUI Lawyer practice as if I were the client

If I were the client, I would expect my lawyer to keep me fully informed as the case progresses, anticipate problems I might not be aware of and help me do whatever I would be required to do.  Because that is what I expect, this is what I provide to my clients.  Personalized Service, is solely my responsibility.

Scottsdale DUI Lawyer E-Service

  • Encrypted email with HIPPA level security used to send all reports & information to clients
  • Text messaging for notices & reminders
  • Secure online client access to dash or body camera videos
  • One-click secure & convenient video conferencing available.

My fee agreement contains no hidden fees or costs or trial fees.  All-Inclusive Reasonable Flat Fee with affordable payment plans.

A better outcome than you think for your Scottsdale DUI or Criminal Charge may be possible.

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Important Questions and Answers for Scottsdale DUI

How can I find the top/best/most experienced Scottsdale DUI Lawyer to defend me, or my friend or family member, for a DUI? 

You might try to get a referral from someone you trust, but otherwise, you must choose one among hundreds of practicing lawyers in the Valley alone.  If so you should carefully and thoroughly review the attorney websites, reviews, blogs, etc. to decide which attorney is best for you.  Be sure to also decide in advance what type of fee agreement you need as well.

Are there Scottsdale DUI Lawyers who offer payment plans for a DUI case? 

Many lawyers refuse to take payments or may require a big down payment in order to offer a payment agreement, however, there are some lawyers who do offer payments and do not insist on a big advance payment.  You should be able to easily find out what a prospective lawyer offers by visiting their website; if not, keep looking.

If found guilty what jail will I serve my sentence in for a Scottsdale DUI case? 

DUI cases arising in the Scottsdale Municipal Court or any of the many Maricopa County Justice Courts for Scottsdale (Desert Ridge, McDowell Mountain, and West Mesa) will serve their sentence in the Maricopa County Jail.

I was arrested for a Scottsdale DUI & what court is my case in? 

If you were arrested in Scottsdale by a City police officer (typically Scottsdale City Police, but sometimes, and particularly during Holiday Task Force operations, it could be other City agencies such as Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, etc.), your case will be filed in the Scottsdale  Municipal Court.  If you were arrested by Arizona DPS or a County police officer, your case will be filed in one of the many Maricopa County Justice Courts for Scottsdale (Desert Ridge, McDowell Mountain, and West Mesa Justice Courts).

I was stopped and investigated for Scottsdale DUI but was never arrested and did not get a ticket.  How long do I need to be concerned about if I am looking at Scottsdale DUI charges? 

In Arizona, if you are facing misdemeanor DUI charges the State has up to one year to file the DUI charges against you; if you are facing felony DUI charges the State has up to seven years to file an Aggravated DUI case.

I was arrested for a Scottsdale DUI but did not get a citation or a court date, and was told I would be charged and notified when the blood test results were completed.  Who is testing my blood, and how long does it take to complete the testing and for charges to be filed? 

Samples taken for cases involving Scottsdale City police officers are sent to the Scottsdale Crime Lab for testing.  The Scottsdale City Prosecutor’s office is typically prompt about filing charges if the test results from the Lab warrant them, however, it sometimes takes several months to complete the testing process.  Samples taken for cases involving DPS, and involving County officers where blood is taken, are sent to the DPS Crime Lab, which might take several months.

I was arrested for a Scottsdale DUI and my car has been impounded.  Where is my car being held, and when/how can I get it back? 

Just because your vehicle was towed as the result of a DUI arrest does not mean it is automatically being held on a 30-day impound; first, check the tow sheet to see if your vehicle is listed as a 30-day hold.  If so, and the vehicle is also registered in somebody else’s name (for instance, your spouse, child or parent), the other registered party might be allowed to retrieve the vehicle early.  If not, the hold is for 30 days, but you should be aware you must get your vehicle out of impound just as soon you can after it is eligible for release because you will be charged for each day the car is impounded.  In addition, within a very short period of time, the tow company can and will file to take possession of your vehicle, and what is worse you will be charged a $500 vehicle abandonment fee and also will get a driver license suspension from MVD.  You can learn more information on getting your vehicle back from the Scottsdale Police Department Impound Unit.

I was arrested for a Scottsdale DUI.  Will my mugshot end up online?

If you were booked and taken to the Fourth Avenue Jail, yes.  Otherwise, the answer is maybe. (my podcast has more information on this common question, or you can download a transcript).


Infographic showing the steps of a Scottsdale Az DUI case, starting with the stop of the vehicle, then through the court proceedings, with possible sentencing consequences if guilty. It is an easy-to-follow visual guide designed to help people understand the Scottsdale Az DUI process.


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