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Gordon Thompson | DUI Attorney & DUI Lawyer
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 54 reviews
 by MW
BEST attorney out there

Mr.gordon where do I start? This man went over and beyond to fight for me for over a 2 year case that got the case closed then re opened. We fought over and over and in the end of the time we won the case. He put 110% effort in at all times and whenever you had any questions or concerns he was there at all times. There would be no one else I could recommended to you for an attorney than mr.gordon himself. Again thank you gordon for all your hard work and dedication to me for the past 2 years!

 by M.G.
The BEST Attorney EVER

If you are looking for The BEST Affordable lawyer…Do not look no further….I was in the middle of a Custody battle & got a DUI…You should know how scary that was for me…Long story short I left all my DUI concerns in Mr.Gordon Thompson hands and I got the bare minimum sentence….It was almost like it was my first DUI but it was my 3rd…(I know that’s bad)….But Mr.Gordon really changed my life for GOOD & plus he helped me get my license back after 12 long years!! Thanks Gordon

 by RP

I was pretty stressed when I got my 2nd DUI. I called Gordon who was very professional and told me that being stressed would not help me in this situation and to relax and let him review my case. I took his advice, and to help matters, he was always in contact with me no matter the day or hour and always kept me informed. He reviewed my case with me to allow me the opportunity to make an informed decision. In my case, I was allowed to plead quilty to a 1st DUI with minimal sanctions. I am very grateful to Gordon and would recommend his services to anyone! If you need a good DUI lawyer, look no further and contact Gordon!

 by O.T.
A true gentleman and an efficient lawyer

I’ve known Mr Thompson since 2012 and I highly recommend him among any others out there for his dedication amazing communication skills and efficient follow up of his cases and clients. He is very detail oriented and organized to a great extent that you will feel comfortable that you are in good hands. I can not emphasize more on his ability to keep following up with his clients questions and answer them with a timely manner I highly recommend Mr Thompson to represent you. Many thanks for all the efforts and I’m very grateful for everything you have done. Wishing you always the best of luck and success. Thank you.

 by R.T.
Best money ever spent

I knew from my initial call that Gordon was the lawyer for me. Since that first call, he has done nothing but impress. Gordon is very knowledgeable in DUI law and will explain everything in detail. He regularly sends out emails and communication to make sure you stay compliant with the law. My mind was at ease after hiring Gordon and I have and would recommend him to everyone. Thank you Gordon Thonpson!

 by M.S.
There is No Better Lawyer!

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to read this, let me start off by saying the lawyer you MUST retain is Gordon Thompson!
This is the second time I have had the good fortune to come across Gordon. My son was charged with a DUI several years back, and without hesitation, when I was recently charged with DUI, my first call was to Gordon.
Gordon kept me appraised (as well as his incredible assistant Mykell) with every aspect of my case from start to finish. As I am still in the process of completing my sentence, Gordon has continued to keep me updated on all his actions on my behalf. I knew I was fortunate to have kept his contact information and as a result my case has gone as smoothly as can be expected.
I highly recommend contacting Gordon before anyone else as i have called him no fewer than 50 times during my case, and he has answered EVERY SINGLE CALL, no matter the time or day. Gordon has a very simplistic and honest approach, which was very helpful throughout this process. Simply put, you will never do better than the service that Gordon has in store for you (his prospective clients).
If you want to have a non-stressful, easy process, call Gordon... You'll be very happy that you did!

 by M.S.
Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear bow ties.

If you’re reading this and looking for a lawyer let me save you some time and trouble, look no further Gordon Thompson is phenomenal. Let me start by saying I have always been a late bloomer, until 2019 I had never been in trouble in my life but in 2019 the bloom burst forth big time and I was charged with an Extreme DUI.
I thought my life as I knew it and career were over. I walked into his office shell shocked looking like a deer caught in the headlights Gordon should be called “the defendant whisperer”, from our very first meeting, he put me at ease. His knowledge of the courts and law not to mention his calm and non-judgemental demeanor gave me hope.
I had already contacted a few lawyers before I met with Gordon and honestly other than to discuss their fees the lawyers didn’t take the time to educate me about Arizona laws pertaining to my case or give me much hope. This was not the case with Gordon. I found it interesting that other lawyers hit me up with a discussion of fees first before getting down to the case itself but Gordon did the complete opposite in my case. Gordon’s fee was substantially less than the other lawyers I had met with and he gave me the option of a payment plan something the other lawyers didn’t.
My case is almost over and has gone just as Gordon told me. I also haven’t had to miss a day of work yet to go to court he has handled everything without asking me for any money beyond what he stated his fee would be. He updates me constantly and provides copies of everything case related. Gordon is always accessible via phone, text or email and neither he or Mykell make you feel as if you are imposing no matter how many times you reach out to them or how many questions you ask. He’s given advice when I needed it and both he and his assistant Mykell have given me encouragement when needed as well.

If I had to do 2019 all over again I honestly wouldn’t but I am glad that I hired Gordon Thompson, not all superheroes wear capes, some wear bowties.

 by J.S.
Outstanding Work!!

I am so grateful for Gordon Thompson! Getting a Dui, while going to school full-time and starting a new career was pretty stressful. All I have to say is that I am so grateful for finding Gordon, he is such a kind soul, understanding, professional, reasonable, available 24/7 text or call, was always there the whole way. Made this nightmare not as frightening, and had an ease of kind the whole way. Such a great attorney and person in general, I will recommend to anyone ever in need of attorney or just someone to discuss there case. Will always be grateful to him, thank you!

 by A.A.
Fantastic Service

Initially I was represented by another lawyer which I didn’t feel was looking out for my best interests in a case with very unique circumstances. I found Mr. Thompson via Google search and after a very quick initial call, I knew I had made the right decision. During a months long case he was always open, honest, and proactive in communicating next steps. I called/texted/emailed many times during all hours and on weekends always receiving a prompt response with detailed information. The great thing about Mr. Thompson is that he has continued to represent me throughout the administrative sanctions and months after the case has continued to guide me through staying compliant.

I’d recommend Gordon and his team without reservation to anyone who may find the need for representation. The professionalism and peace of mind he offers is unparalleled and his knowledge of the courts and law led to a great outcome. He was willing to go the extra mile where others would not and that has made all the difference for me personally.

 by D.R.T.

I couldnt be happier with Gordon Thompson. He is diligent, professional, and polite. He handled everything quickly and efficiently. I also really appreciated the fact that Mr. Thompson kept me posted on any and all activity surrounding my case. Being in the know really gave me peace of mind. Would recommend his services to anyone!

 by M.S.E
Protective Order

Wow! I have worked with many attorneys over the years but the responsiveness of Gordon via email, phone, text and follow-up is above and beyond! Unfortunately, I was served an Order of Protection from a family member that was completely bogus along with being detained by the Police 30 minutes after being served this protective order. I was in the middle of nightmare especially because this all happened in Phoenix even though I live in the mid-west. Gordon helped me organize a hearing and everything was dismissed because Gordon was extremely organized and made a strong case for me that dismissed the Order of Protection. The situation regarding the Order of Protection was tricky to explain. I am extremely confident if I tried to contest the Order on my own, I would have failed. Thank you Gordon Thompson!

 by L.H.
Would recommend 100% to anyone and everyone!

I cannot put into words how THANKFUL I am that I found Gordon. I felt hopeless, and with the way the legal system works these days, I thought I was doomed. The moment I called Gordon (and talked directly TO Gordon - he is the one that answered!) he was able to calm me down, and make me feel like I had someone that CARED to help me get through everything to come.
It didn't stop there. Gordon was there almost immediately for any call, email, text I sent over the 12 month period. He knew me, my case, and worked hard for me from day one! And then, to see his level of expertise - it's amazing. He looked through everything on my case with attention to every little detail. He found things that I would bet other lawyers would breeze right over. He, himself, watched the hours of videos from the night of my arrest. And, he worked out for me what I thought was impossible. I feel like it was a blessing from God that I found Gordon's number and called HIM that day. I will never forget Gordon and Mykell, and everything they did for me!

If you are looking for the best of the best, someone who cares, and someone who knows Arizona law through and through, just call Gordon... And breathe! Don't think your case is open and shut and you are doomed... There is so much more to it than can be imagined, and Gordon, in my eyes, is the very best! Call him, and you will see what I'm talking about!!
Thank you, Gordon, and Mykell, a million times over.

 by GT

Having your child charged with an extreme DUI was an absolute nightmare. I was not only sick to my stomach with worry but I felt totally lost and had no idea what to do. Someone I trust had recommended Gordon. That was the best advice we could have received. He not only went through every step with us but he was available day or night to answer questions or concerns...even after the court appearance! He also sent follow up emails on a regular basis outlining what was going on and what our next step was and what we needed to do to comply with the many (and sometimes confusing) requirements from the courts and other agencies. By following Gordons instructions we had a very clear path to navigate and all went smoothly. He is very professional and knowledgeable and I believe he truly cares about his clients and doing his best for them. His assistant Mykell has the same high standards as Gordon and makes the process seamless. Thanks to Gordon's knowledge and diligence the charges and consequences were lessened and my child has a chance to make a change in life without the stigma of a horrible record.

 by C.W.
Best Choice for AZ DUI Hands Down

My case was very sticky, and I knew picking the right attorney would be the difference between financial tragedy/tarnished reputation and another chance to lead a normal life. I shopped every lawyer in AZ. The moment I spoke with Gordon, I knew he was the right choice because he was honest, transparent and an expert in the field-plus he was very fairly priced. He doesn't do this for the money like most lawyers, he does this to help people. Gordon is extremely experienced, knows practically everyone in our DUI legal system and made himself fully available to me at all times. Gordon went above and beyond his duty to represent me pulling out every possible stop over 6 months to make conviction difficult. His efforts paid off as my very high BAC DUI case was settled as Reckless Driving. He took a nearly impossible to win case and had it reduced because of leverage he created-saved me $10,000+ in fines, months of jail time and I can't thank him enough.

 by G.B.
Best Decision I Could've Made

When I was charged with a DUI, I did my due diligence before hiring an attorney to represent me. After speaking, and meeting with, several attorneys, I settled on Gordon Thompson; It was the best decision I could've made. While I was found guilty of my DUI, because I was, Gordon helped me to receive a lesser charge. Even more useful than the impact Gordon had on the outcome of my case, was his attention to detail every step of the way. Unless you have been through a similar scenario, there is no way of knowing the myriad documents, deadlines, and hoops to jump through. Gordon was on top of all of these moving parts every step of the way. He fielded phone calls, texts, and e-mails from me in an extremely timely manner, and was pleasant every time. Beyond all of this, Gordon stuck with me, as he does with all of his clients, from the time he is hired through the entire course of my legal issue. Many lawyers will stop their services after a verdict is reached, leaving you to sort out bills, paperwork, documentation of various requirements, etc. With Gordon, all of this was handled as painlessly as possible. Furthermore, Gordon actually charges a considerable amount less than other lawyers that provide a far less comprehensive service. While getting in trouble with the law is never fun, and often times no amount of attorneys can make the issue go away, having Gordon as my lawyer mitigated the frustration and juggling of demands that come with a legal issue. I am very grateful to Gordon and his wonderful assistant Mykell, and cannot recommend them highly enough.

 by M.W.

Gordon is an honest and an excellent attorney! He always kept me informed of my case and guided me throughout the whole process. He is very familiar with the courts and judges. He has a lot of knowledge and experience, and if hadn't found Gordon,the outcome of my charges would have been costly and damaging. After a long and emotional year, thanks to Gordon I was found not guilty. If you want an outstanding lawyer who doesn't nickel and dime you for everything that he does, and who will do a great job at represtyou, then Gordon Thompson is the person you want to represent you! I am grateful that my girlfriend had found Gordon to represent me. Thank you Gordon for all you have done.

 by c.j.

I couldn't breathe, I felt like the world as I knew it had ceased to exist. Any and all coping skills were null and void. In essence I felt completely lost. I called Gordon and Mykell, I began to breathe again. To say that the last year has been a challenge would be a gross understatement. I liken being charged with a crime to being redefined as a number, no longer a human with a history, a future, hopes or dreams, just a case number in a system of despair. I can truthfully say that I would have never made it through the process of regaining my identify if it weren't for the elegance of Gordon and Mykell, my gratitude for them is eternal.

 by C.B.
The best decision I ever made!

I waited till late in life to get myself into trouble with my
First and only DUI. I got a extreme DUI and everyone had advise, the best thing I did is call Gordon, after talking to
him I hired him on the spot and he got right to work
on my case. I never felt forgotten or left out on what was going on with my case. He was able to get my sentence
reduced and for that to happen in Mesa is saying alot.
Gordon and Mykell walked me through the hole process
and they will continue to be there for me until I am done with everything. I have talked to a few people that had public defender's and they had no idea what to expect,
so I told them what they needed to do and they asked how I learned everything and I told them about Gordon
they wished they had gone with him instead.
So if you want a old lady's advise call Gordon now you will not regret it.

 by H.K.
Gordon Thompson is the Man your looking for!

I contacted Gordon late the night I was charged with a DUI. I was really stressed and he walked me through exactly what to do that night so I would not make my situation worse. I was released in an hour or so. The next day I hired him to represent me in this case. His fee was a flat rate and far, many others will charge extra if you take your case to trial. He shot me straight on the worst outcome and the best outcome that I could expect so I could prepare either way. Throughout the process I was always able to talk directly with him if I had any questions. That alone really lowers the stress factor greatly. I was treated with kindness and respect by Gordon and Mykell. Gordon had my DUI super extreme lowered to regular extreme which lowered fines and jail time. After the sentencing Gordon was there to help navigate all the hoops you have to go through and made it much easier. Gordon Thompson is by far the BEST Phoenix DUI attorney I have ever had!

 by S.B.
Gordon and Mykell : Are the best!

After reviewing several Attournys on line and reading countless reviews I chose Gordon Thompson to represent me for as my  DUI attorney in Arizona while I was on vacation there. Frankly I was scared to death and both he and Mykell worked with me to minimise my penalties. Gordon always answered my question promptly and professionally. He is an Attourny who really cares about his clients. I am very thankful to have found him. He knows the law and knows what he is doing. His Secretary, Mykell also has the same qualities. I strongly recommend Gordon Thompson to anyone who needs agood lawyer who is professional, knowledgeable. Efficient, and kind. Both Gordon and Mykell have been my lifeline through this horrendous ordeal. My living out of state was an added problem he dealt with. So, if you need a great DUI lawyer  in Phoenix I only have one name for you...Gordon Thompson.

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