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As a Maricopa DUI Lawyer I know being arrested means you are no longer in control of your life

You may be ordered to:

  • Stop driving
  • Attend numerous court and counseling sessions, thus jeopardizing your job
  • Serve jail time
  • Drive only a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device for years.

Since 1979 I have helped over 5000 clients take back control of their lives

  • I prevent the immediate suspension of my client’s driver’s license
  • I limit their appearances for court and counseling
  • I use my 42 years of experience to try to get the Best Result possible: a dismissal, a reduced charge or trial verdict of not guilty  
  • If there is a conviction, I help my client avoid or lessen the many adverse consequences of a conviction.

My job as a Maricopa DUI Lawyer is to see the case through my client’s eyes

Each client’s life is unique and affected differently by an arrest.  My job is to anticipate and minimize the consequences for each client and their family.

I have designed my Maricopa DUI Lawyer practice as if I were the client

If I were the client, I would expect my lawyer to keep me fully informed as the case progresses, anticipate problems I might not be aware of and help me do whatever I would be required to do.  Because that is what I expect, this is what I provide to my clients.  Personalized Service, is solely my responsibility.

Maricopa DUI Lawyer E-Service

  • Encrypted email with HIPPA level security used to send all reports & information to clients
  • Text messaging for notices & reminders
  • Secure online client access to dash or body camera videos
  • One-click secure & convenient video conferencing available.

My fee agreement contains no hidden fees or costs or trial fees.  All-Inclusive Reasonable Flat Fee with affordable payment plans.

A better outcome for your Maricopa DUI or other Criminal Charge than you think may be possible.

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Infographic showing the steps of a Maricopa DUI case, starting with the stop of the vehicle, then through the court proceedings, with possible sentencing consequences if guilty. It is an easy-to-follow visual guide designed to help people understand the Maricopa DUI process.


No one wants to be charged with a DUI or other crime in Maricopa County, Arizona, but should the need arise it is crucial that you have an experienced Maricopa County DUI lawyer on your side who has the experience and capability to represent you from beginning to end.  I have represented over 5,000 clients, and have more than 42 years of experience in day in, day out courtroom knowledge.

To get the best possible result in a Maricopa County DUI case it is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who knows the legal and factual issues and who if necessary will go to trial.  When choosing a lawyer it is important to retain one who has a history of going to trial and not simply getting plea offers.  The ability to get the best possible result comes from experience; there are no shortcuts.

Maricopa DUI Lawyer

Headshot of Gordon Thompson, Maricopa DUI Lawyer

For DUI in particular, Arizona’s penalties are perhaps the most severe in the nation and therefore for anyone facing these charges it is important to hire a knowledgeable, experienced attorney to get the best possible result.

The Maricopa County court system has four branches of the Superior Court and twenty-six Justice Courts.  The justice courts are located throughout the county.

In the justice courts cases can be prosecuted for alleged violation of the Arizona Revised Statutes or Maricopa County Ordinances.  Investigating agencies for charges in the Justice Courts include the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and various state agencies such as, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Agriculture, the Game and Fish Department and the Department of Liquor.

My first goal always is to try to the case dismissed, and explore every avenue to that end.  If it is not possible, I take steps to lessen the charges or any possible sentence.  If I cannot get a favorable plea offer for my client then often I go to trial.  Many defense lawyers tell their clients that unless they pay them a hefty trial fee they will refuse to take the case to trial.  I charge one all-inclusive fee and do not charge a trial fee because I believe my clients should not have to pay me an additional fee just to exercise their constitutional right to a trial.

If guilty verdict cannot be prevented I will be there to help you to understand, plan for, and complete the many obligations imposed by MVD and by the court.  Even after sentencing, which is different than most criminal attorneys’ practices, I remain available to assist you with any problems which may come up.  If guilty I will be there for you and only a phone call away until you have completed everything.

Leading Maricopa DUI & Criminal Lawyer

I know being the subject of DUI or other criminal charges in Maricopa County is stressful and I will work to ensure the process is the least stressful possible.   I know that problems do not only arise during business hours, and believe in being there for my clients 24/7…  I know that you need to get back to your everyday life and understand that, while criminal charges must be dealt with, you have a life, family, employment and other obligations to attend to as well.  I will try in every way possible to minimize the burden of the DUI or other criminal charges on the lives of you and your family.

The people who are in the best position to say how I can help clients through the process are my clients and in invite you check out what they say about me.

No Trial or Hidden fees.

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