Peoria Az DUI Lawyer | 45 Years Experience

As a Peoria Az DUI Lawyer I know being arrested for a DUI or Other Criminal Charge means you are no longer in control of your life

You may be ordered to:

  • Stop driving
  • Attend numerous court and counseling sessions, thus jeopardizing your job
  • Serve jail time
  • Drive only a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device for years.

Since 1979 I have helped over 5000 clients take back control of their lives

  • I prevent the immediate suspension of my client’s driver’s license
  • I limit their appearances for court and counseling
  • I use my 45 years of experience to try to get the Best Result possible: a dismissal, a reduced charge or trial verdict of not guilty  
  • If there is a conviction, I help my client avoid or lessen the many adverse consequences of a conviction.

My job is to see the case through my client’s eyes

Each client’s life is unique and affected differently by an arrest.  My job is to anticipate and minimize the consequences for each client and their family.

I have designed my Peoria Az DUI Lawyer practice as if I were the client

If I were the client, I would expect my lawyer to keep me fully informed as the case progresses, anticipate problems I might not be aware of and help me do whatever I would be required to do.  Because that is what I expect, this is what I provide to my clients.  Personalized Service, is solely my responsibility.


  • Encrypted email with HIPPA level security used to send all reports & information to clients
  • Text messaging for notices & reminders
  • Secure online client access to dash or body camera videos
  • One-click secure & convenient video conferencing available.

My fee agreement contains no hidden fees or costs or trial fees.  All-Inclusive Reasonable Flat Fee with affordable payment plans.

A better outcome for your Peoria DUI or other Criminal Charge than you think may be possible.

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Infographic showing the steps of a Peoria Az DUI case,

Headshot of Gordon Thompson, Peoria Az DUI Lawyer.

Best Peoria & El Mirage Az DUI Attorney

Maricopa County has many municipal and justice courts where DUI cases are tried.  On the Westside of Maricopa County, in addition to cases in the Peoria Municipal Court and El Mirage Municipal Court I also take cases in the Avondale, Buckeye, Glendale,  Goodyear, and Surprise Municipal Courts and many Maricopa County Justice Courts, which are  Agua Fria, Arrowhead, Country Meadows, Hassayampa, Ironwood, North Valley, Manitsee, Maryvale and White Tank.




Peoria Municipal (or City) Court

10100 North 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ  85345

Phone:  (623) 773-7400

Fax:  (623) 773-7407

Court Website:

Hours:  Monday – Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (closed on legal holidays)



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