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Affordable Flat Fee Agreements With Reasonable Payment Plans

When people are charged with a DUI in Arizona one of their first concerns is how can I pay for a quality DUI defense attorney who will get me the best possible result?  Another concern is, if I do retain a private attorney exactly what would I be getting for my money?

Affordable fees and Reasonable Payments Plans

I offer affordable fees and reasonable payments plans individualized for each client’s ability to pay.  I do not have mandatory set monthly payment amounts but rather work with each client so we  can agree on a month plan that client can afford.  Unlike other lawyers I do not charge interest on payment plans nor any fees to change the monthly payment amount.  From my 45 years of practice I know that because of circumstances beyond a client’s control their financial status can change while the case is pending and if it does I do not think it is right to make them pay me a fee to lower their monthly payments.

Flat Fee Agreements to Cover All of the Case

A second major concern clients have and should have is what is included in the fee agreement.  Many lawyers charge an initial fee to take the case and another fee for a trial. In fact some even charge a trial fee, per each trial.  Mistrials are common in DUI cases because legal mistakes happens during the trial or the jury cannot reach a unanimous verdict, which means the case has to be tried again. Some lawyers  make the client pay a trial fee for each trial and so it there is a mistrial they make the client pay another trial fee and if the client does not pay the second additional trial fee the lawyer drops the case.  I do not do that but rather charge one flat fee for the entire case, start to finish.  That includes all trials however many trials there may be. My agreement includes handling any problems with the MVD and if it is guilty, any problems complying with the sentence.  If the case ends up as guilty many lawyers immediately ask the court to let them withdraw or get off the case so they no longer have to help their clients with all the problems the client may have later with the court and the MVD.  I do not withdraw because I believe it is my responsibility to help my clients with all of their DUI related problems.

I believe prospective clients, particularly  those who have never retained a lawyer,  should know before meeting the lawyer what the general terms of the agreement will be.  It is very difficult for people to quickly look at the agreement for the first time as they sit in the lawyer’s office and to think of all of the questions you might have about the agreement.  Transparency is important for me and so I have posted a copy of my standard fee agreement online so prospective clients can review it before speaking with me.   This is the link to my Fee Agreement.

For more information about Affordable Flat Fee agreements listen to my podcast or go to my page.


In Maricopa and  Pinal Counties there are many municipal and justice courts where I represent clients charged with DUI and other criminal offenses. Those courts include the following: the Apache Junction, Avondale, Arrowhead, Buckeye, Casa Grande, Chandler, Gilbert,  Glendale,  Goodyear, Maricopa, Mesa,  PhoenixPeoria, Scottsdale, Surprise and Tempe Municipal Courts and the Agua Fria, Apache Junction, Arcadia/ Biltmore,  Casa Grande, Country Meadows, Desert Ridge, Downtown, Dreamy Draw,  East Mesa, Encanto, Hassayampa,  Highland, Ironwood,  Kyrene, Manitsee, Maryvale  McDowell Mountain, Moon Valley,  North Mesa, North Valley, San Marcos, San Tan, South MountainUniversity Lakes, West Mesa, White Tank, and West McDowell Justice Courts.

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