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Tips For Hiring DUI Lawyers Scottsdale

An arrest for DUI is a serious situation. If you have been arrested for a Scottsdale DUI, you face jail time, having your license suspended, and paying hefty fines and costs – not to mention possible problems with work or future job prospects, child custody, housing, etc.  Many people express concern over whether their mugshot and arrest record for a Scottsdale DUI will show up online.  A great DUI lawyers Scottsdale will be available to help you with all of your questions and concerns.  As a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer I offer free consultation, whether by phone, Chat or in the office.  Chat with me now in the Chat box below, and we can discuss Scottsdale DUI defenses specific to your type of situation, your case or any questions you may have about hiring a DUI lawyer.

5 tips to hire DUI Lawyers Scottsdale



5 Best Tips To Choose The Right Scottsdale DUI Attorney

1. Ask your prospective attorney about their experience as a Scottsdale DUI lawyer.

Experience counts.  One of the very first inquiries that you might want to ask any DUI lawyer that you are taking into consideration is how much time they have actually been practicing DUI law.

2. Evaluate the proposed Fee Agreements.

You may have two otherwise equal attorneys offering representation for the same price, but if the attorney you choose charges a separate fee to take the case to trial, you may be forced to make another difficult decision down the road.  Make sure you understand what is included in the fee agreement you sign, and what may not be.  As another instance, many Scottsdale DUI Attorneys consider their representation over after sentencing; if so and anything goes wrong you may end up back in court by yourself, taking more days off work to deal with those problems.

3. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

You hope, but cannot assume, your attorney has the needed experience and knowledge to best represent you and your case.  Don’t be hesitant to ask questions and make certain this is the case.  No one can fault you for making certain the attorney you choose is the best candidate.

4. Make sure the attorney you hire is doing the work.

In big law firms attorneys come and go, and you could one day find the attorney you like and trust has left the firm and your case has been reassigned to another attorney, unfamiliar with your case, whom you do not know and may not like.

5. Nothing is set in stone.

If the DUI lawyer Scottsdale you choose turns out not to have been the best choice, you have the right to seek another attorney.

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There are several courts where DUI and misdemeanor criminal charges are tried in Central Maricopa County.  In addition to the Scottsdale Municipal Court I try cases in the Phoenix,  and Tempe Municipal Courts and the Arcadia/ Biltmore, Desert Ridge, Downtown, Dreamy Draw, Encanto,   Kyrene,  McDowell Mountain, Moon Valley, South Mountain,  West McDowell  and University Lakes Justice Courts.


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