Scottsdale DUI Attorney

Best Tips For Choosing Scottsdale DUI Attorney

Don’t be afraid to ask.

A Scottsdale DUI citation is life-changing.  To minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest in Scottsdale it is important to retain a Scottsdale DUI Attorney who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also one who can anticipate all of the potential consequences, which is an important concern for me.  Scottsdale DUIs can be very stressful on not just the person arrested but their families as well.  When a person within a family has been arrested for a Scottsdale DUI it is important to keep the impact on the family in mind.

Know your costs upfront. 

The best Scottsdale DUI attorney will completely detail your costs and the scope of representation in the fee agreement.  Be sure you know such things as what type of fee agreement is proposed and when the attorney considers their representation at an end – for instance, some attorneys charge an additional trial fee, some do not cover routine costs such as discovery, etc. – and most attorneys consider representation over after sentencing.  This means if and when problems arise after sentencing, you could have to handle them on your own.

Scottsdale DUI Attorney - 6 tips for selecting DUI lawyer

Experience as a DUI lawyer.

Probably the most important initial question is, how long the Scottsdale DUI lawyer has actually been practicing.  Your case should not be a learning experience for an inexperienced attorney.

Don’t stand for ambiguous answers.

As a Scottsdale DUI attorney I offer free consultation, which can include chatting about Scottsdale DUI defenses specific to your type of situation.

Know your adversary.

Experienced Scottsdale DUI attorneys can tell you what you are up against if you have been charged with DUI in Scottsdale.  Primary considerations are, what are the legal grounds to be found guilty of a DUI in Scottsdale, and what levels of alcohol or drugs make somebody guilty of DUI in Scottsdale?  Also, what are possible defenses?  Some defenses can be there was no basis to stop the vehicle in Scottsdale, as a recent court case held the stop of a vehicle solely for an alleged excessive white license plate light to be unconstitutional.

Another possible issue is proper legal consent to the breath, blood or urine tests.


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There are several courts where DUI and misdemeanor criminal charges are tried in Central Maricopa County.  In addition to the Scottsdale Municipal Court I try cases in the Phoenix,  and Tempe Municipal Courts and the Arcadia/ Biltmore, Desert Ridge, Downtown, Dreamy Draw, Encanto,   Kyrene,  McDowell Mountain, Moon Valley, South Mountain,  West McDowell  and University Lakes Justice Courts.

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