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Many lawyers, including me, have information on their websites about Arizona DUI Defenses (on my website see Menu section, DUI Information, DUI Defense). Although the information is accurate in general there are many variations on the possible defenses depending on such factors such as the individual court where the case is pending, the actual DUI offense charged, prior DUI convictions and the particular prosecutor and police department involved. If you rely on general information about DUI defenses you may make a bad situation worse because the general information may not fully apply to a particular situation similar to yours.


There is no need to hunt through online general DUI Defenses information to find what you think is information about your case, because you can Chat for Free with me about your type of situation. Unlike other lawyers I do not ask people for identifying information such as name, email address or telephone number. With other lawyers’ Chats often you are not even chatting with a lawyer but rather a sales person who is not permitted to give you specific information and is only “Chatting” to give you a sales pitch. These sales people cannot give you the information you are seeking. Those lawyers use a Chat as an excuse to get your personal contact information so they can bombard you with business solicitations. If you want to chat about any DUI situation you can do it with me for free and without making yourself vulnerable to an onslaught of online sales pitches.


My Chat is online most days from 7 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.  For questions asked when my Chat is online, unlike most lawyers I do not ask for or need identifying information such as name, telephone number or email address. The Chat function is a blue circle on the lower right side of your screen, and is at the bottom right corner of any page on desktop.


Please keep in mind the Arizona Rules of Professional Responsibility prohibit me in an online chat from answering questions specifically for your case and from providing legal advice to you. Those rules do permit me to provide information about situations similar to yours and that is what I will do. None of the information I provide to you is intended to be legal advice nor to create an attorney-client relationship. Please also know that any information you provide to me is, by law, not confidential.


It you prefer you can call, text or email with your questions as well.


If you’ve been charged with DUI or another criminal offense, getting help from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer is one of the best things you can do for your case. Gordon Thompson has been practicing criminal and DUI law since 1979, and has used his vast experience to help countless people charged with DUI and other criminal offenses get the best result. Call Gordon Thompson now, 24/7, so he can put his many years of experience to use and help you get the best result for your DUI or criminal case.