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Best Scottsdale DUI Attorneys

With the focus on DUI cases there are plenty of Scottsdale DUI attorneys around, but not all attorneys have the same level of experience, intelligence and dedication.

If you must take your case to trial, you owe it to yourself to get a great, trustworthy DUI lawyer to represent you.  There are a lot of promises going around, without the experience to back those claims up, so you need to be careful when you choose your DUI lawyer Scottsdale.

Important things you need to know reagrding Scottsdale DUI attorneys

The first thing you need to learn about your lawyer is if he or she concentrates on DUI. Lawyers customarily focus on handling certain kinds of cases. If your legal representative takes on a wide variety of cases, criminal, personal injury, divorce, etc., that attorney does not focus on DUI cases and just does not have the expertise of an experienced DUI Lawyer, who will know the ins and outs of DUI laws and regulations.  Opt for someone who is a ‘DUI only’ attorney. A good DUI attorney will also have access to expert witnesses should one be needed for your case, and will have a thorough understanding of the witnesses’ position and opinions.

Things You Should Know About Scottsdale DUI Lawyers

A good DUI legal representative will also settle the costs and expenses in advance. When getting a contract down on paper, make certain you check if the contract covers charges for DMV hearings, trial, discovery expenses, post-sentencing issues, etc.

Conclusively, an excellent Scottsdale DUI lawyer is necessary if you are accused of a DUI offense. An expert lawyer is essential to your effective defense.  For example, defenses can be there was no basis to stop the vehicle in Scottsdale, as a recent court case held the stop of a vehicle solely for an alleged excessive white license plate light to be unconstitutional.  Another possible issue is proper legal consent to the tests of your breath, blood or urine.

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There are several courts where DUI and misdemeanor criminal charges are tried in Central Maricopa County.  In addition to the Scottsdale Municipal Court I try cases in the Phoenix, and Tempe Municipal Courts and the Arcadia/ Biltmore, Desert Ridge, Downtown, Dreamy Draw, Encanto,   Kyrene,  McDowell Mountain, Moon Valley, South Mountain,  West McDowell  and University Lakes Justice Courts.

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