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To minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest in Scottsdale it is important to retain a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also one who can anticipate all of the potential consequences and effects, which is an important concern for me.  Scottsdale DUIs can be very stressful on not just the person arrested but it affects the families as well.  When a person within a family has been arrested for Scottsdale DUI it is important to keep the impact on the family in mind. Scottsdale DUI charges are quite serious, in fact Arizona is rated strictest for DUI penalties, which include loss of your driver license, thousands of dollars in court fines, the loss of your work, ignition interlock devices, time in jail or even prison.  If you or your loved one is a student, there can be consequences you may not foresee.

A DUI conviction likewise serves as a prior, so if you are charged with a 2nd or 3rd DUI conviction, the penalties are get much worse.  In fact a 180-day jail sentence for a 2nd offense misdemeanor .20% Extreme DUI is not unconstitutional, even though it is greater than the 4-month minimum sentence than for a 3rd offense or felony DUI.

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If you are arrested for a DUI, you need a seasoned Scottsdale DUI Lawyer. The State of Arizona, its law enforcement agencies, as well as the prosecutors, aggressively prosecute DUIs. It is important that you have experienced representation to secure your rights. Some court and MVD matters cannot wait, and call for action within days of the arrest. Working with the right DUI Lawyer Scottsdale can make a critical difference in your case. is among the most experienced and aggressive Scottsdale DUI Lawyers. I am a Sole Practitioner, and your case will be solely my responsibility, from start to finish.  I am committed to getting the best results possible, and consider it my duty to be available to you and to explain things for you each step of the way.  Many attorneys consider their representation of you to be over with the case, but I invite my clients to contact me any time, even years later, for any problems relating to the case and I will gladly help you in any way I can.

Gordon Thompson Best Scottsdale DUI Lawyer

I understand how helpless a DUI charge can make you feel, and am dedicated to making the process as smooth as possible for my clients, from answering questions about discovery, procedures, motions, MVD, and a million other things during the case, to preparing you for trial if need be, and to assisting you in completing any sentence requirements, helping you find a place to complete substance abuse screening and counseling by telephone or online, or straightening out problems with MVD, after the case is over.

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Gordon Thompson is a DUI criminal defense attorney Scottsdale who believes in communication.  I offer free case consultation, and that consultation includes chatting with you about Scottsdale DUI defenses which may be specific to your type of situation.  For Scottsdale DUI cases I offer a flat fee agreement (I never charge an extra trial fee as some lawyers do), with reasonable payment plans.  Don’t let concern over not being able to pay upfront prevent you from getting the Scottsdale DUI lawyer you may need to get the best results for your case.

There are several courts where DUI and misdemeanor criminal charges are tried in Central Maricopa County.  In addition to the Scottsdale Municipal Court I try cases in the Phoenix, and Tempe Municipal Courts and the Arcadia/ Biltmore, Desert Ridge, Downtown, Dreamy Draw, Encanto,   Kyrene,  McDowell Mountain, Moon Valley, South Mountain,  West McDowell  and University Lakes Justice Courts.

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