AZ House of Representatives

2/26/21 Update for Wrong Way Driving Felony Bill, HB2296

HB2296 would modify 28 A.R.S. § 1383.A.5, Wrong Way Driving DUI Felony, which makes the section referring to all “highways” applicable to “Controlled Access Highways or State Highways.”  As previously posted, although the proposed changes would help limit the applicability of the statute to what the Legislature intended (but did not explicitly say) when they… Read more

Journalists regain access to AZ House of Representatives

4/13/16  Last week journalists were abruptly denied access to the floor of the Arizona House of Representatives chamber and told they would be required to submit to criminal and civil background checks to regain that access. The sudden move was not popular with journalists or lawmakers, and was as swiftly modified to again allow journalists… Read more