HB2027 Leaving the Scene of an Accident on Private Property

Traffic Stop

Current Arizona law, 28 A.R.S. § 66128 A.R.S. § 662, 28 A.R.S. § 663, 28 A.R.S. § 664 and 28 A.R.S. § 665 make it a crime for a driver to leave the scene of an injury or non-injury traffic accident without providing assistance to any injured party or failing to provide their name and identifying information to any victims or owners of persons or property damaged.  Under current law these requirements do not apply to accidents occurring on private property.

HB20278 would extend these duties the driver has to accidents occurring on private property. HB2078’s prime sponsor is Representative John Kavanagh.

As of January 8, 2021, no hearings have been held on the bill.


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