Arizona House Bill HB2013, interlock restricted licenses; violations; reporting

Ignition Interlock Device

Current Arizona law, 28 A.R.S. § 1385.G, permits the Department of Transportation to administratively suspend the Arizona driver’s license or privilege to drive for 90 days of a person driving or in actual physical control of a vehicle with either an alcohol level of .08% or more or with controlled substances in their bodies.  If the driver has no prior alcohol-related suspensions within the 84 months immediately preceding the incident and the incident did not involve a serious physical injury, then after the first 30 days of no driving at all, the driver may get a restricted permit to drive for the remaining 60 days on a restricted basis.  To get the restricted permit the driver is not required to install a vehicle ignition interlock device (IID).

House Bill HB2013, interlock restricted licenses; violations; reporting, would require the driver whose license is suspended for 90 days pursuant to 28 A.R.S. § 1385.G, to install an IID before obtaining the restricted permit and only to drive a vehicle equipped with an IID.  The bill’s current version (as of January 8, 2021) provides the driver may drive for 90 days with the IID however it is not clear if that provision is meant to override the provision of 30 days no driving contained in 28 A.R.S. § 1385.G.  HB2013’s prime sponsor is Representative John Kavanagh.

As of January 8, 2021, no hearings have been held on the bill.


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