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DUI and AZ MVD Now Online Driver’s Record Information

    In mid-April 2020, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) launched a new online website, called AZ MVD Now.  AZ MVD NOW is a portal where all Arizona licensed drivers, and non-licensed Arizona drivers or out-of-state licensed drivers who have received traffic citations in Arizona, can access important information about… Read more

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Maricopa County Attorney Says Home Detention Reduces DUI Recidivism

Detention instead of jail is authorized by law after the defendant serves 20% of the jail sentence in jail. Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel spoke in favor of a proposal to implement home detention for DUI cases in the Justice Courts and said, “…important thing for me is it reduces recidivism because it allows mainly… Read more

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DUI Defendants Can Now Serve Jail in Scottsdale

The Scottsdale Police Department has reopened its jail to allow DUI defendants to serve one or two day sentences in their jail.  The Jail will accept sentences imposed by most courts and not just the Scottsdale Municipal Court. The current jail capacity is limited to 8 defendants per day. The current cost is $250 plus… Read more

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Maricopa County Approves Home Detention for DUI Defendants

On July 22, 2020, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a home detention program for defendants who are sentenced to jail on cases prosecuted in the Maricopa County Justice Courts. Under Arizona law a defendant may serve a misdemeanor DUI sentence on home detention or with continuous alcohol monitoring instead of jail if the… Read more

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Home Detention in Maricopa County Justice Courts Proposal

UPDATE: Passed 7/22/20, see my blog post. Arizona law allows permits municipalities and counties to establish home detention programs for defendants convicted in their courts of DUI and other misdemeanor criminal offenses.  The laws require defendants to serve the first 20% of the sentence in jail, and the balance on home detention or on what… Read more

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Felony Wrong Way Driving DUI

Does Arizona law require a driver to be sentenced to a mandatory minimum of 4 months in the Department of Corrections for a 1st offense, non-accident, regular DUI occurring on a city street, when aggravating factors such as a minor child in the vehicle or the driver’s having a suspended license are not present, and… Read more

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Az DUI Alcohol Requires Counseling for License Reinstatement

In 2019 the Arizona Legislature passed a new law which now requires those convicted of Arizona DUI Alcohol to complete alcohol counseling prior to fully reinstating their Arizona driver’s license or privilege to drive.  The law, 2019 Arizona Session Laws, Chap. 309, implements this requirement by stating that if an interlock is required by conviction,… Read more

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Informational Guide to Misdemeanor DUI in Arizona

Gordon Thompson   For more information about Arizona DUI and criminal law issues please contact Gordon Thompson who has used his experience to write a blog on topics of interest. You can also chat with Gordon about your specific questions.   Website: Blog:

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Background checks for Arizona criminal or DUI arrest and conviction

Over the course of more than three decades as a criminal defense attorney, I have made it my business to learn and anticipate possible issues and problems that people facing criminal charges, and particularly DUI charges, might have.  This is certainly true during the case, but I believe it is my duty also to help… Read more

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Arizona DUI Information Guide By Individual Court

  This Arizona DUI Information Guide by Individual Court is intended to provide you with the same practical information DUI Attorneys use to get the best possible result for their clients when someone is charged with a misdemeanor DUI.  The Guide describes the nuts and bolts of the process from arrest through sentencing and the… Read more