Portions of bodycam video released in Daniel Shaver case

5/25/16  Last week a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ordered the release of portions of bodycam video footage in the Philip Brailsford case, in which an ex-Mesa Police officer is accused of second-degree murder in the January 18, 2016 shooting death of Daniel Shaver.


Because of the circumstances surrounding the killing, namely, that Mr. Shaver was unarmed, crawling on the floor and was reported to be crying and begging police not to shoot him, release of the footage has been hotly contested.  Although last weeks’ decision seemed as if it would shed further light on the facts of the case, the contents of the footage released offered little if any further information.


The rest of the bodycam footage remains sealed under court order and will not be released until conviction or acquittal.


For a detailed look at this story, and to see the bodycam video for yourself, see the New York Daily News article below:




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