Online Counseling for Arizona DUIs

My name is Gordon Thompson and today is July 7, 2016. The topic for today’s podcast is online counseling for DUIs.


In Arizona if anyone is found guilty of a DUI offense they must go through a screening session for possible counseling. The screening session consists of an interview with a counselor, who asks questions pertaining to the DUI and uses a number of factors to determine whether the person is a risk to have a problem with alcohol or not. The factors used include, what is the alcohol level for the case, does the person have a prior DUI and did they go through counseling for that case, do they exhibit the problems of drug abuse or alcohol abuse. There are a number of other factors, and some of those would include the use of a standardized risk assessment that psychologists use.


At the conclusion of the screening the person would be classified as either a level 1 offender or a level 2 offender.  A Level 1 offender would be more serious offender, one namely that exhibits signs of problems with alcohol. As a result that they would be ordered to go through at least 16 hours of education and 20 or more hours of treatment. The treatment could be longer than 20 hours.


If the person is a level 2 offender and does not exhibit the potential problems with the alcohol, then they are required to do the 16 hours of education.


In 2013 the Arizona Department of Behavioral Health which regulates the screening and counseling, authorized that online education, the 16 hours of education, now can be done online. Some counseling agencies will do it online, however some still insist on doing it in person.


For the 20 hours of or more of treatment, that is somewhat of an open question if it can be done online and some agencies will do it online and some will not, so it’s always good to check with the agency to see if they will do the treatment online.


For my cases I always refer my clients whenever possible to Arizona DUI Services, who are very helpful in doing the screening telephonically and the education and treatment online. So if you find yourself in a situation where you have to do this, I highly recommend Arizona DUI Services.


So that is today’s podcast, online counseling for DUIs


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