Maricopa County Jail Costs

Given the recent focus on rising jail costs in Maricopa County (see our blog post here), it makes more sense than ever to educate yourself about the current per diem (daily) jail booking and housing rates.

If you are required to serve a jail sentence in the Maricopa County Jail, effective July 1, 2020 the 2020-2021 daily rates are as follows:

Year                Booking          Housing

2020-21           $396.98           $102.55

It is particularly important for people serving second offense DUI jail sentences to make sure the amount being charged is correct, for several reasons.  Primary among them is, you will spend a greater number of days in jail therefore your cost will be higher.  Second, the rates for second offense sentences are 50% less than for first offenses (if it were otherwise, a person convicted of a second offense .08% DUI and sentenced to serve the mandatory minimum of 30 actual jail days would pay about three thousand dollars in jail costs alone (and jail costs are just one of several mandatory fines and fee consequences for a second offense DUI conviction)).  Finally, many courts, including justice courts, may not be sure to use the correct rates which would double the amount imposed.

Below is a link to the website page on jail per diem rates.   If you must serve a jail sentence in the Maricopa County Jail system, I would encourage you to visit the site, print out the current amounts and take them to court with you:

A quick look at Maricopa County Jail costs over the last 10 years:

Year                Booking          Housing

2010                $192.26           $71.66

2011                $188.48           $73.54

2012                $188.48           $73.54

2013                $236.78           $85.91

2014                $251.53           $78.94

2015                $266.41           $81.85

2016                $285.94           $85.49

2017                $306.84           $90.37

2018                $341.57           $100.04

2019                $366.51           $105.15

2020                $396.98           $102.55


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