Professions Affected By A DUI Conviction

What Are The Other Professions That Would Be Affected By Having A DUI Conviction?

There are many professions that could be affected. The first one is the military. It can be a very serious problem because a person can be discharged from the military for a DUI. Fifteen, twenty years ago, that was not a problem, but now it is. That’s for a first offense or regular driving under the influence.

If someone has to serve jail time for a serious charge, they may end up being discharged from the military. Also, if someone was planning on making a career out of the military, they would not be able to do that with a DUI conviction. Although it is not impossible to get into the military with a DUI conviction, it is quite hard now as militaries have become very selective.

For a person who is all set to go in the military, if they were charged with driving under the influence, they may not be able to complete their application if they are found guilty. In such a case they would need the services of an experienced attorney who can get the charge reduced to a conviction for reckless driving.

Another consequence of any conviction of trying to get into the military is if the person is sentenced to any kind of a term of probation. You cannot go into the military while they are on probation.

There are a number of consequences as far as the military. First of all, if you’re already on active duty, you may be discharged. Secondly, if not discharged, you’re prevented from extending your commitment to the military. If you’re not in yet, then it can possibly prevent you from being able to get into the military.

Apart from the military, other professions include police officers. With police officers, the general rule in Phoenix is that you can’t become a police officer if you had any kind of a criminal conviction within the past five years. If somebody wants to become a police officer and they get a DUI, they are going to have to wait five years. In five years, they will get older, their life is going to go on and they may not want to do it at that point. They will then be competing against younger people wanting the same job. So, it can very well bar somebody from ever becoming a police officer.

Physicians and any type of a professional that is licensed in accordance with an Arizona licensing board can be adversely affected as well. Physicians and healthcare providers in general are required to notify their licensing board within ten days of being arrested. In the case of physicians, the licensing board, the Board of Medical Examiners (BOMEX), often requires them to go through a screening session to see if they have any kind of an alcohol problem. Years ago, that was not the case.

The days when doctors got a pass on DUI are long over with. If BOMEX  determines that a physician has a problem with alcohol, they may require them to go through the Betty Ford clinic for 90 days at their own expense. They may also place them on probation with the medical board for five years, where the person is required to do random alcohol testing, further extensive counseling and AA meetings. All of this can get very costly for the physician so again, a DUI can have a very serious effect on a physician.

Nurses are required to notify the board as well. They will typically be offered a program called the ‘Can Do’ program, which is  alcohol counseling.  In most but not all cases, Nurses should wait until the outcome of the case to accept that. As long as they comply with the counseling requirements of the court, that satisfies the nursing board. For nurses, it’s a little less serious than other healthcare professionals. However, for anyone that is licensed, the consequences can be very serious.

A DUI Conviction Can Affect A Number Of Other Professions, Such As The Military, Police Force And Healthcare. If you work in one of these fields and are facing a DUI charge, call the law office of Gordon Thompson for a free initial consultation at [number type=”1″] and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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