Effects of an Arizona DUI Conviction

Are There Other Security Clearances That Might Be Affected By A DUI Conviction?

Some government security jobs do require clearance. You can lose the security clearance and thereby jeopardize your employment if you have any kind of conviction including for a DUI.

For example, a person may be under home detention where they have to wear an ankle bracelet to monitor their movements. The person may be required by their job to meet with someone at a place that requires high security clearance. Most of these places have secure rooms where any kind of a radio device is not allowed and home detention ankle bracelets are such a device.

That’s an example of how a security clearance can be affected by a DUI in a way the person may not anticipate. Other government security clearances can be affected by any criminal conviction as well.

Is Someone Still Able To Rent A Vehicle After Having A DUI Conviction On Their Record?

If it’s a conviction from Arizona, there are two basic problems. One is, if it’s during the time period when they have the interlock device requirement. It’s a notation on their license and it is a crime in Arizona to rent a vehicle to someone who is required to have such a device on a vehicle.

Rental companies do not offer cars with interlock devices on them. So during the time period when you would have to have an interlock, the company is not going to rent a vehicle to someone who has that restriction on their license. That’s the first problem.

The second problem is that many rental companies will refuse to rent to somebody who has had a DUI conviction. They may do it for a certain period of time, such as three or four years after a conviction, even though the person doesn’t have any restrictions on their license anymore. It can be a real problem for people who have to travel for work and rent a car.

How Does A DUI Conviction On Someone’s Record Affect Their Custody Rights?

In Arizona, there is a statutory presumption against someone being awarded custody if they have a DUI conviction on their record. It doesn’t decide the issue of custody but it is by law one factor against the person seeking custody. It is one factor a court must consider when deciding where to award custody. So, a DUI conviction can, in fact, affect your ability to have custody of your children if that’s disputed.

What Is The Arizona Fingerprint Card? How Might This Be Affected By A DUI Conviction?

Certain professions in Arizona require an Arizona fingerprint clearance card. This is obtained from the Arizona Department of Public Safety who run a background check, give a person a fingerprint clearance card showing that they have, in effect, clearing their fingerprints, and ensuring there are no criminal offenses outstanding.

If somebody is arrested, a procedure is followed. Police agencies will notify the Department of Public Safety of the arrest. If someone has a fingerprint clearance card, depending on the charge, it can result in either a suspension of the card or a restriction on the card. The problem is that many people have to maintain the card in effect in order to have employment. Therefore, if the card is suspended they can’t be employed in that position.

For example, a teacher or somebody in childcare is required to have a fingerprint clearance card. As far as a DUI is concerned, the law has been changed so it results in a restriction being placed on the card. The restriction is that the person cannot drive in the job capacity for five years. Initially after an arrest if there is a conviction, then for a total of five years after the arrest, they cannot drive in the job capacity. They can end up losing their job as a result.

In other misdemeanor cases, the most serious one is domestic violence charges. That results in a suspension of the card until either the case is dismissed or if the case is not dismissed, until after the person has fully complied with the sentence. That is a major problem where nurses are required to have a fingerprint clearance card.

If a nurse gets arrested or charged with a domestic violence charge, they will have the card suspended if the fingerprint clearance card board finds out about it they will lose their job. That happens all the time.

A lot of people don’t anticipate the effect on the fingerprint clearance card. Even though it would not result in a suspension of the card, a restriction can have an adverse effect on somebody’s life, such as their employment.

So, the loss of the fingerprint clearance card or the restriction of it can be very serious depending on the offence. Even the simple restriction of it, in some circumstances as a result of the DUI, can have serious consequences.

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