Other Impacts Of A DUI Conviction

If A DUI Accident Leads To A Conviction, Can Insurance Companies Deny Or Limit Healthcare Coverage To The Person?

Yes, they can. Although it is not a common occurrence, under Arizona law, they can deny coverage to only the person convicted of a DUI but the other driver or the other people injured as well. They can say that our insurance policy has exclusion if you’re driving under the influence. It’s pretty rare to see something like that happen but under Arizona law, there is authorization to do.

How Might A DUI Conviction Affect Someone Trying To Obtain Citizenship Or Their Green Card If Someone Is In The Country For Work Or On Student Visa?

For someone who is lawfully in the United States on a green card, but they want to become a citizen, a DUI conviction can slow down the process. The person will have to wait five years after a conviction before they can successfully apply for citizenship. It doesn’t lead to deportation as a misdemeanor, but as a felony, it could.

A DUI Conviction can also have an impact in a couple of other instances as well. One example is an individual who came to the United States illegally as a child and now is covered by the DREAM Act, meaning they can apply to become legal residents. A DUI conviction can lead to deportation under those circumstances for them. Other types of crimes do not but DUI does.

If somebody is in the United States on a work visa, called an H1 or an H2 visa that requires having employment as a condition of the visa. If for some reason they lose their employment because of their conviction, then any time they lose the employment, they have to leave the country within 10 days. That could have an indirect effect on employment ability. 

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