Financial Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

What Are The Financial Consequences Of A DUI Conviction?

There are a number of financial consequences that someone might face after a DUI conviction, and most people may not even be aware of them.

The first one would be the insurance consequences and most people do anticipate that one. That could depend on the circumstances, meaning if there is an accident involved in the case, the insurance rates could go up by as much as 50% to 60% or the insurance may even simply be canceled.

Also if there is an accident and an insurance company says that, “Well, as far as we’re concerned from a civil standpoint, our insured, the defendant, is not responsible for the accident so we’re not going to pay anything.” The judge in the criminal case says, “Well, I’m required to order restitution and if the defendant is, in effect, 1% at fault for the damage, I’m required to assess restitution for the direct economic loss that was caused as a result of the accident.” Somebody can be ordered to pay restitution even though as far as the insurance company is concerned, they are not liable.

Most companies will periodically run record checks on a person’s driving records and if they find any mention of a DUI, they could raise or simply cancel the insurance. A common example of that would be if Allstate or State Farm Insurance were to find out about a DUI conviction or even a suspension of a driver’s license for a DUI even though there may not be a conviction, they could cancel the insurance. If not dropped by the insurance company, it definitely increases the cost.

The second financial area affected by a DUI conviction would be the fines. Basic DUI fines and assessments directly to the court could be anywhere from $1,600 up to $5,000 or more. These fines depend on what a person was found guilty of and if they have to serve jail time. For example, for a second offense extreme driving under the influence in Maricopa County, if the case is prosecuted in a Justice Court, the jail costs could b as $8,000 or $9,000 in addition to nearly $5,000 in fines. So, the fines can be very substantial depending on what the offense is and depending on what the court is.

In terms of monthly probation fees, the fees for a felony DUI could be $60, $70 or even $100 a month depending upon the case.

In terms of the basic financial consequences, in addition to what was mentioned, there is counseling that would be required. It depends on the offense and where the counseling takes place but it could be $150 up to $1,000.

Another expense that fortunately many people would have, and it is fortunate because it would be in lieu of jail cost, would be the cost of home detention. It could be as much as $16 a day, which the person would be doing instead of serving actual jail time.

That’s a broad overview of the potential costs associated with a DUI conviction.

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