How I Handle DUI Defense Cases

I do investigations and interview prospective witnesses myself, which is something many lawyers don’t do, and the fact that I do that myself is an advantage. They make it sound impressive when they say they have investigators who do the interviews, but the way I see it is, I’m the one who will try the case if it goes to trial and I want to have my own impressions of evidence and witnesses not someone else’s.

I think that’s one difference, but another is experience. There are very few lawyers here in Maricopa County or even in Arizona who have anywhere near as much experience as me; I can only think of a few in this county who have been doing this as long as I have. Experience is seeing things go right but also seeing things go wrong, and I have had that more experience than almost anyone else, and that’s a very important distinction to make.

I also like to emphasize service; I believe that my service is better than anyone else’s, and when I say service, I mean keeping the client apprised of everything that’s going on during the case, and I mean they get everything; as soon as I do an interview, my assistant emails them a summary or transcript of it, or they get the actual recording, so they can listen to what the witness has got to say.  I do that as a matter of course. Service is the ability to call me 24/7 while the case is pending, or afterwards.  I want to answer my client’s questions as soon as possible.

An important part of my practice is keeping in mind that it’s the client’s case, not mine, so I give them a letter that I write explaining any plea offer; what it is, the advantages and disadvantages of the offer and also the collateral consequences of a conviction by plea or after trial. Also explain anything that using my 42 years of experience can go wrong if the case is guilty. The first part of the service is sending that letter, but the actual service includes working with them to minimize the possible adverse consequences of a DUI, which is what I think I do better than anyone else.

As soon as the court case is over, many lawyers will do a motion to withdraw, in effect saying the court and client that they no longer represent the client in court however I don’t do that. I am there to help the client, guilty or not, and if something else comes up later, I’m there to help the client throughout the entire process, wherever and whenever that process ends. If it ends with a not guilty verdict, then terrific; hopefully, that’s the end of it, but if it is guilty and they have problems down the road, I stay with my clients to continue to help them and by doing so I think I provide the best service, better service than anyone.

Throughout the course of the case, I do what other lawyers don’t necessarily do; for example, if the case ends as guilty, I will send out emails and reminders to remind the client about their court dates in terms of community service if they have to do it, or interlock requirements, requirements about traffic school, jail reporting requirements and anything and everything to do with the license. All of that is the service that I provide, that, again, I believe I do better than anybody.

If the client has to do alcohol or drug counseling. I’ve worked with an agency which allows them to do the counseling online.  Most other lawyers’ clients have to go to endless meetings for counseling and if they have family emergencies and miss several meeting they have to start all over again but not my clients.  Most lawyers’ representation ends at sentencing, but not mine; I use this particular agency to make it much easier, especially if the client can’t drive because their license is suspended.  I also take care of the court sentence reviews afterwards so they do not have to take off work to go sit in court for hours. For the counseling I take care of getting the proof for court and the MVD so my client does not have to worry about that.

The service that I provide is really what makes the major difference compared to everyone else.  There are people out there with as much experience as I am, not that many, but there are some, and there are people who do their own interviews; many do, but not all.  There are people out who provide some service but I believe no one provides the service I do, from the beginning of the case, till the end of the case, and even after the end of the case.

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