DUI Attorney Free Consultation

Free consultation with a DUI attorney. My name is Gordon Thompson and today is July 19, 2016. The topic for today’s podcast is, free consultation with a DUI attorney.


Many DUI lawyers, including myself, offer prospective clients free consultations. In my case I can do it either in person or by telephone, whichever is easier for the person to do.


Several thoughts you should keep in mind if you’re doing a free consultation with an attorney. Number one is that the person should be exactly that, namely an attorney. I say that because many firms have individuals who describe themselves as “legal administrators” or “legal representatives” or “legal agents” and are in short something other than an attorney, and these people are the individuals who you speak with first, with a firm. The problem with having a consultation with somebody other than a lawyer is, number one, they can’t really talk about the case. They are prohibited by rules from talking about the facts of the case. Second they can’t realistically say what can be done with the case because they’re not a lawyer and are not the one who can try the case and so when you talk to somebody who is not an attorney, who for example describes themselves as a “legal administrator” basically you’re talking to someone who is going to give you a sales pitch and that’s about it. So when you have an initial consultation, a free consultation with anyone, it should be with an attorney.


A second thing is you should want somebody who wants to talk about you and your case and not just about themselves. When I have an initial consultation with the perspective client it’s sometimes difficult to talk about the case because at that stage there is not an awful lot known about the case. I have what my prospective client has indicated as the facts of the case and that’s always my starting point, but, having said that before I can make a realistic appraisal of what can happen I also want to know what the officers have to say. I want to also know, for example, if there is video evidence, if there’s a blood test I want to know what the results are, and often we don’t know that initially. If there’s an accident involving injuries I want to know how serious the injuries are. So these are all facts which in an initial consultation I wouldn’t know, and so it’s difficult to give an accurate description of what can happen.


However I think it’s important to anticipate what my prospective client’s needs are. Beware or stay away from people who in an initial consultation just want to talk about themselves and how great they are. These people are not paying attention to you and your particular needs and so you always want to have somebody who’s going to listen to what your account of what happened and more importantly what your particular needs are that you have. For example if your license gets suspended does that affect your ability to go to work, and if you’re a commercial truck driver are you going to lose your job and what can be done to avoid that. In short, you want somebody who’s going to talk about you and the impact a DUI might have on you and how to avoid that.


Another thing you should avoid in talking to lawyers is be aware of lawyers who say or imply that because they know the judge or the prosecutor or police officers that they can get a better deal than somebody else can. I know many police officers and am friends with many police officers, judges and prosecutors. Having said that our friendship ends at the courtroom door. When we go into the courtroom they don’t give me any benefits because of our friendship, nor do I give them anything. In Arizona we just don’t do things that way. In Arizona the cases are not resolved on the basis of how friendly we are and so beware of lawyers who imply that because they are friends with the judge or prosecutor they’re going to get you a better deal. They can’t do that and it doesn’t happen here in Arizona. Many years ago, over 43 years ago, I started practice in New York and many would say there that was possible back then, but not here in Arizona.


So these are a couple of things you should keep in mind when you have a free consultation with a DUI lawyer.


Number one, it should be a lawyer.


Number two the lawyer should be willing to talk about you and the facts of your case and your situation.


Number three, you should beware promises that they’re going to get you better deal based on their friendships.


So that is today’s podcast topic, namely, a free consultation with a DUI attorney.

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