Charged With Domestic Violence?

If Someone Voluntarily Gets Counseling Or Anger Management When They Are Facing A Domestic Violence Charge, Does It Help In Court?

Generally speaking, the answer is no; it wouldn’t.

It’s hard to say on a case by case basis whether it would make a difference to a judge. Generally speaking, not, because as a condition of a resolution of the case, if it’s guilty and that’s the only way it would, if there’s a diversion program offered, counseling is required as a condition of the diversion, anyway.

Attorney Gordon Thompson has had this happen, where they do 10 or 15 counseling sessions on their own and then they do diversion or if it’s guilty in court, then they’ve got to start the counseling all over again and that leads to unhappy people. So, it doesn’t really making a difference with the judge and it can lead to unhappy clients in the end. That’s why it won’t be helpful.

What Should Someone Do Once A Domestic Violence Charge Is Filed Against Them?

The first and the most important step is not to violate the conditions of release or an order of protection. Don’t do that because any violations constitute a separate offense.

Attorney Gordon Thompson has seen countless times, and it happens very quickly, three violations equal a felony, particularly in the City of Phoenix because the Phoenix City prosecutor’s office will make each individual contact as a separate charge.

If the person is found guilty of two of them, they will dismiss the third one and send it to the county attorney to have it prosecuted as a felony. Time and time again, it is seen that what seemingly looks like innocuous contact with the victim, the victim doesn’t quite see it that way, tells the prosecutor or the county police and next thing you know, they have a felony.

So, of number one importance, do not violate the orders of release or order of protection. The second thing is to get an attorney because these are very serious charges. Even the charge alone can make a serious impact on a person’s life.

If the person is a teacher, the teacher can lose their teaching license for over a year as a result of this and may not get a job again. These charges are very serious, so always get an attorney because they are very important.

People think that, well, if the victim just tells the prosecutor that it’s all a lie or there was some mistake or they don’t want to prosecute it, they are going to drop the charge. That’s not going to happen. The prosecutors are going to proceed anyway with the charge even if the victim says, “Drop it”. In short, you have to get an attorney because you have to consider these charges to be very serious.

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