AZ legislature removes interlock requirement for DUI Drugs

4/18/16  Arizona law now mandates that all persons convicted of DUI must install and maintain an Ignition Interlock Device for at least one year.  The only exception to this requirement is if the person is convicted of DUI Drugs only because they had a Controlled Substance in their Body without a Valid Prescription, and had no alcohol in their body and the court specifically rules the person does not need any alcohol counseling.  This law serves little purpose for those convicted of DUI Impaired by Drugs only, because the interlock device only measures alcohol levels, not drug levels.


Arizona Session Laws 2016, Chap. 57 changes this and eliminates the mandatory Ignition Interlock Device requirement for DUI Drugs.  The law keeps the mandate for DUI Alcohol, but eliminates the interlock requirement for a DUI Drugs conviction unless the court specifically orders the installation of an interlock.  Unfortunately the law does not take effect until December 31, 2106 and provides no relief for those already found guilty of or awaiting trial for DUI Drugs.


Below is a link to the new law:

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