Mesa DUI Lawyers

Mesa DUI Lawyers


For DUIs in MESA it is important to know that Arizona is Rated Strictest for DUI Penalties.       In fact 180-day jail sentence for second offense misdemeanor .20% Extreme DUI is not unconstitutional because it is greater than the 4-month minimum sentence than for a felony DUI.


Mesa DUI Lawyers


What one of the MESA DUI Lawyers Can do for You.

To minimize the consequences of a DUI arrest in MESA it is important to retain one of the MESA DUI LAWYERS who is not only knowledgeable and experienced but also one who can anticipate all of the potential consequences which is an important concern for me.  MESA DUIs can be very stressful on not just the person arrested but their families as well.  When a person within a family has been arrested for MESA DUI it is important to keep the impact on the family in mind. DUI and Family.

As one of the MESA DUI LAWYERS I offer free consultation   which can include Chatting about MESA DUI Defenses.

For MESA DUI cases I offer Flat Fees  with reasonable payment plans.

A concern people have for a MESA DUI arrest is, Will My Mugshot And Arrest Record For An MESA DUI Show Up Online.


What Defenses Could One of the Mesa DUI Lawyers Use

A primary consideration is what makes someone guilty of a DUI in MESA and what are possible defenses. Those start with What Are The Legal Grounds For Being Charged With DUI In MESA?   and What levels of alcohol or drugs make somebody guilty of DUI in MESA?

Defenses can be there was no basis to stop the vehicle in MESA as a recent court case held the Stop of Vehicle Solely for Alleged Excessive White License Plate Light Held Unconstitutional.

Another possible issue is proper legal consent to the breath, blood or urine tests.

People often ask, in MESA Should I Submit To DUI Field Sobriety Tests?

Another concern people have Is there any way to avoid jail time in MESA for misdemeanor DUI?

MESA DUI Drug cases present challenges different from DUI Alcohol, which as one of the Experienced MESA DUI LAWYERS I am familiar with.  Those include that a person can be guilty of DUI if they are impaired by Ambien, even if they did not know it would cause impairment.

Medical Marijuana Defense.

Affirmative Defense to DUI Prescription Drugs Charge.

Out Of State DUI Convictions can be used to enhance a sentence for DUI sentence however there may be a defense to the use of many out of state convictions.

What Happens if Someone One is Found Guilty of DUI in MESA

The penalties for a DUI in MESA can be severe.

After a conviction for DUI in MESA the defendant has to do substance abuse screening and counseling and because I know it is important to minimize all of the consequences for my clients I help them do screening and counseling as easily as possible. The screening and counseling can be done telephonically and online.

Where do I serve a jail sentence in Maricopa County, where do I serve it  and how much does it cost?

If a person is find guilty for a MESA DUI the fines and assessments can be very high and so courts in Mesa offer time payment plans.

Driver’s License Consequences

DUI arrests and convictions can have many serious and long lasting consequences against a person’s driver’s license and so it is important for one of the Experienced MESA DUI LAWYERS to be aware of all the possible consequences.  Those include:

Admin Per Se License Suspension.

DUI Implied Consent Suspension.

Points Consequences.

Driving in MESA On A Driver License  Suspended  for DUI.

Defensive Driving And Traffic Survival Schools.  

Ignition Interlock Device.


Driving Without Required Interlock not a Separate Crime until IID is Installed.

DUIs & CDLs & Underage Drivers.

DUIs in MESA have very serious consequences and that is why it is important to retain as quickly as possible a Knowledgeable and Experienced of the MESA DUI LAWYERS like Gordon Thompson.

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