Arizona DUI & Criminal Defendants’ Open Forum

Arizona DUI and Criminal Defendants’ Open Forum allows those charged with DUI or other crimes, and their families, to share their views and experiences directly with other defendants.   Although I am sponsoring this forum on my website the forum is for the use of and benefit to defendants and their families so they can help each other directly.

I have started the Forum with a few Topics, but please feel free to add any Topics of interest.

Please keep in mind this forum is not to discuss the facts of your case or any confidential communications with your lawyer.  It is always in your best interests to keep that type of information confidential and you should only discuss that information with your lawyer.

You do not have to register and so ignore the fields requesting name, email and website.  The fields requesting the information cannot be removed from the form but the information is not needed. Rather simply click on the topics below and add any comments you wish to.

Thank you for your participation.

Gordon Thompson


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