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How To Hire Scottsdale DUI Lawyers

A qualified Scottsdale DUI Lawyers is someone that understands how to take care of the many complexities involved in your specific DUI situation. Unfortunately, though there are many lawyers around it is not always guaranteed they have the experience needed to effectively guide you through a DUI charge.  I have more than 43 years of accumulated knowledge and experience, and have helped more than 5,000 clients, and their families, to minimize or completely avoid the many adverse consequences  and penalties of an Arizona DUI conviction.  DUI cases are best taken care of by seasoned DUI Scottsdale lawyer or somebody with skill and knowledge in this complex area of law, including familiarity with criminal and traffic laws, and administrative regulations.

Important tips for hiring a Scottsdale DUI Lawyers


Tips You Need To Know When Choosing a DUI Attorney in Scottsdale

Ask about experience as a Scottsdale DUI attorney.

The foremost question that you must ask a DUI defense attorney that you are considering hiring is the length of time they have been practicing Scottsdale DUI defense.  This might seem like asking the same question twice, but DUI defense is a particular area of practice.  The attorney may have been practicing for 10 years, but only recently practicing in DUI defense.

Know Your Attorney and Their Staff – Just because the individual you talk with seems qualified in DUI do not forget that usually there will be other members of the team working on the situation. For that reason you might wish to inquire about various other members who will be handling your case, and also make certain that they have experience in DUI cases as well.

Know Your Price  – the DUI lawyer Scottsdale must outline your expenses throughout the procedure. All charges need to be clear.  For Scottsdale DUI cases I offer flat fees with reasonable payment plans.

Get the Benefit of Knowledge & Experience.

The best DUI attorneys Scottsdale should be able to point to specific ideas and goals for how to best resolve your DUI case, even from the early stages.  A primary consideration is what makes someone guilty of a DUI in Scottsdale, that is, what are the legal grounds for being charged with DUI in Scottsdale?  Even more so if the case is not able to be resolved without going to trial, you need a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer who has experience, and knows DUI laws and case law up-to-the-minute.  Some defenses available in Scottsdale DUI cases are, there was no basis to stop the vehicle (as a recent court case held the stop of a vehicle solely for an alleged excessively white license plate light unconstitutional), or perhaps there was no proper legal consent to the breath, blood or urine tests (recent court case holds Arizona’s implied consent admonitions do not create consent).

Scottsdale DUI Drug cases present challenges different from DUI Alcohol, which as an experienced Scottsdale DUI Lawyers I am familiar with.  Those include that a person can be guilty of DUI if they are impaired by Ambien, even if they did not know it would cause impairment.  On the other side of the coin, someone unfamiliar with the constantly changing DUI Drug world may not know the Arizona Supreme Court recently upheld the availability of an affirmative defense to DUI Drugs charges for those holding a valid prescription.

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There are several courts where DUI and misdemeanor criminal charges are tried in Central Maricopa County.  In addition to the Scottsdle Municipal Court I try cases in the Phoenix, and Tempe Municipal Courts and the Arcadia/ Biltmore, Desert Ridge, Downtown, Dreamy Draw, Encanto,   Kyrene,  McDowell Mountain, Moon Valley, South Mountain,  West McDowell  and University Lakes Justice Courts.

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