DUI and The Family

When someone within a family is arrested for DUI, be it the father, the mother or an adult child, once the initial shock of the arrest wears off thoughts quickly turn to what will be the effect on our family?


Will the arrested person lose their job and therefore our family income go down significantly?


Will their driver’s license be suspended so they be unable to get to work or even do such things as take our children to school?


Will mother’s pregnancy be made more difficult because the arrested person will be unable to drive her to the hospital when the time comes?


Will our credit score go down so we will be unable to purchase a home we want?


Will court appearances or even incarceration interfere with our previously made plans for family trips and vacations?


Will financial obligations for such things as court costs and fines reduce our family income so we will be unable to keep promises we made to our children?


If our adult child has been arrested and they have to go to jail, will they be safe there and get medical care they may need?


These are but some of the many practical concerns that families have when one of their own is arrested for DUI.


When I represent a client charged with DUI I always keep in mind that my client is a member of a family and the family may be suffering as well.


My first goal always is to use my many years of legal experience to see if I can get the case dismissed or verdict of not guilty, as that is always the best possible result.  However if that is not possible, then long after the last court date I continue to work with my client, and their family, to help them to avoid or minimize the many adverse consequences of a DUI.

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