Chandler DUI Lawyer

How to Choose a Good Chandler DUI Lawyer

A great Chandler DUI lawyer will review all aspects of your DUI charge, including breath analysis and blood/chemical test procedures.  Therefore, you require a good Chandler DUI lawyer who can help lead you through the complicated world of DUI in Arizona.

Do not hesitate to ask.
This is a potentially life-changing situation, particularly if you rely on your automobile for your job. Ask questions, such as: Can your situation be mitigated?  How many DUI cases has a particular attorney actually taken to trial? What strategies have been used to win?  Any “unwinnable” wins?  Does the attorney focus on DUI cases?  What portion of their caseload is DUI associated?

Experience as a Chandler DUI Lawyer.
Among the very first questions that you may wish to ask any kind of DUI defense lawyer that you are considering hiring is how long they have been practicing. You will certainly benefit from hiring an experienced DUI lawyer.

choosing the right chandler dui lawyer

Tips for hiring DUI Attorney in Chandler AZ


Know your costs ahead of time.
An honest Chandler DUI lawyer will clearly outline the scope of representation and costs in a written fee agreement.  Makes sure you know whether/what costs associated with the case you are responsible for, and whether the agreement covers a jury trial.  In addition, most agreements do not cover anything after sentencing takes place, so know in advance whether your attorney will continue to assist you if anything goes wrong.

Know the members of the team.
Just because the person you talk with seems knowledgeable about Arizona DUI, does not mean that person will be your attorney.  Some larger firms will reassign your case.  Always know who your attorney will be before you sign anything.

Don’t stand for ambiguous answers.
If you are not getting answers to your questions, keep looking. You deserve someone who will take the time to understand your questions and concerns, and who will answer in a clear, understandable way.  Otherwise, look to the next Chandler DUI lawyer on your list.

Not all attorneys practicing Arizona DUI focus on DUI law, and you do not want to be practice for an inexperienced attorney.  Arizona DUI law can be highly technical, and good results depend largely on the specific circumstances. A  Chandler DUI attorney can give you indispensable aid by reviewing your case in detail, ensuring the best result possible for your particular case, and assisting you in every way possible, before and after court.  Get more information concerning your choices, and talk to a knowledgeable lawyer focused on DUI about just how they can help.

In Eastern Maricopa and Northwestern Pinal Counties there are many municipal and justice courts where I represent clients charged with DUI and other criminal offenses.  In addition to the Chandler Municipal Court, those municipal courts include Apache Junction, Casa Grande, Gilbert, Maricopa, Mesa, and the Apache Junction, Casa Grande, East Mesa, Highland, Kyrene, North Mesa, San Marcos, San Tan, West Mesa, University Lakes Justice Courts.

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