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Newest Deadline for Arizona Travel ID

Beginning May 3, 2023, if you plan to use your Arizona driver license or ID to board an airplane for domestic air travel within the United States (or to enter a restricted federal building or military base) you will need an Arizona Travel ID.  Originally scheduled to be mandatory for flight effective October 1, 2020,… Read more

Can I Avoid Jail Time for An Arizona DUI?

How can I avoid jail time for a DUI? All Arizona Misdemeanor DUI charges mandate jail time. A 1st offense Regular DUI requires 1 day and 2nd offense .20% Extreme, 180 days. A day in jail must be at least 8 hours. A judge cannot waive the jail time. There are 3 ways to avoid… Read more

DUI Flat Fee Agreements | What Should I Look For?

DUI Attorney Fee Agreements DUI Flat Fee Agreements DUI Flat fee agreements are most often used by lawyers.  These are also known as  “earned upon receipt” or “nonrefundable” agreements. These agreements must be in writing. The agreement must say the client can discharge the lawyer at any time and may be entitled to a refund… Read more

Arizona DUI Penalties & Arizona DUI Sentencing Laws

Arizona DUI Penalties & Arizona DUI Sentencing Laws for Misdemeanor DUIs may be the harshest in the country. Arizona DUI Penalties & Arizona DUI Sentencing Laws Arizona DUI Sentencing Law – Maximums For All Misdemeanor DUIs For all Arizona Misdemeanor DUI offenses the maximum possible sentence is: a.) Alcohol Abuse Screening and any treatment/counseling ordered… Read more

Arrested for DUI | Why Not Charged?

Being arrested for DUI but not immediately charged is relatively common.  The several reasons why someone may be arrested for DUI but not charged. Arrested for DUI But Not Charged Arrested For DUI- No Blood Test Results Some police departments do not issue citations when the only chemical test is a blood test. Those departments… Read more

School Zone Safety Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians

School zones present traffic safety hazards for a number of reasons. Not only are there a greater number of pedestrians around a school zone, but many of them are young children. School-age children are still learning traffic safety rules, and anyone who is learning a new skill is likely to make some mistakes from time… Read more